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Hermetic Systems has been publishing software since July 1997. This website has two purposes: (a) to provide informative articles regarding calendars and computational subjects and (b) to make available the software developed by Peter Meyer, a professional software developer with an MPhil degree in computational physics (but better known as the developer of software for Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero theory). So far this software consists of over 20 Windows programs (all of which, plus the user manuals, are entirely his own work except for contributions as explicitly mentioned). These programs cover several areas of application, including calendar date conversion, word and phrase counting, encryption and other security matters, web authoring tools and mathematics.

Calendars supported include well-known ones such as the Gregorian, Julian, Chinese and Maya Calendars, along with less well-known ones, such as the ISO 8601 Calendar, plus five lunar calendars invented by Peter Meyer: the Goddess Lunar Calendar, the Liberalia Triday Calendar, the Hermetic Lunar Week Calendar, the Archetypes Calendar and the Meyer-Palmen Solilunar Calendar (the last invented in collaboration with Karl Palmen). This site has numerous articles explaining these (and other) calendars, and product descriptions and user manuals for six items of calendrical software.

There are three programs for text analysis: Hermetic Word Frequency Counter, which scans text and counts the frequency of occurrences of words (the Advanced Version also counts phrases in multiple files and supports pattern-matching), and Index Files Search Words, for indexing all words in multiple files and consequently conducting rapid searches.

There are several items of security software available, including three cryptographic applications: Cryptosystem ME6 (for multiple file encryption), Email Encryption End-to-End (for sending encrypted email messages) and Stego PNG (for hiding data within BMP and PNG graphics files). Two other security-related programs concern secure deletion of files (Data Destroyer and Recycle Bin Wiper).

Two items of mathematical software concern prime numbers: Prime Number Spiral and Factorizer.

There are website tools, including software for HTML TABLE creation (HTML Table Creator Tool) and for graphics file conversion (Easy Graphics File Converter). Keywords Meta Tag Generator is a program for generation of keywords meta tags which scans HTML code and extracts the most-used words (the Advanced Version acts on multiple files).

From its beginning in 1997 this website has provided not only software and articles by Peter Meyer (including an article in the area of the philosophy of social science) but also articles by other writers (including calendar experts Karl Palmen, Simon Cassidy, Duncan Steel and Lance Latham) concerning calendars, date conversion, encryption, C programming, computational science and other topics.

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