Stego PNG
Display of original and stego images

Stego PNG can provide a visual comparison of the original image and the stego image (which is the original image with the data hidden in it).

Prior to the operation of hiding data in the input (original) image you can check the box to "Display original and stego images in browser".

Then, if the operation is successful, the two images will be displayed in your default browser. If "vertical" is selected then the stego image is displayed beneath the original image. If "horizontal" is selected then the stego image is displayed to the right of the original image, as shown below:

If you selected "horizontally" but wish to display the images vertically then you must select this and repeat the hiding operation.

The stego image above resulted from hiding a 10 KB text file in the original image. Note that in this case (although not always) the stego image file is somewhat smaller than the original image file.

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