Stego PNG
Using Stego PNG for Secure Email

Want to send confidential information to a friend without a certain big intelligence agency reading it? Easily done using Stego PNG. First compose your message (as an ANSI text file, an MS Word document, an Excel file, or whatever). Find a suitable PNG image and hide your message in it, using some stego key known only to you and your friend. (The stego key is also used to encrypt the data which is hidden.) Then compose an innocent-looking message in your usual email client (be sure not to use any "selectors" — words which trigger the interest of that agency), such as "Here's a pic of Ralph and the huge salmon he caught last week" (if it's an image of someone holding a fish). Append the image file as an email attachment (not as an in-message image), and send it off. If your friend is expecting an encrypted message from you, and if he knows the stego key you used, then all he has to do is to download the attached image and extract your message using Stego PNG.

The message is secure because (a) there's no indication that the attached image contains a message, (b) the message cannot be extracted without knowing the stego key and (c) the message cannot be decrypted (which happens during the extraction) without the stego key. Security lies in the key, and the longer the key the more secure it is.

This method of sending an encrypted email message is similar to that of our Email Encryption End-to-End program, and is easier.

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