Stego PNG
Hiding an Image File

Stego PNG will hide any type of file, including image files, as shown in the following example.

Suppose you wish to hide the following JPG image, which is 42,751 bytes in size:

The trial version of Stego PNG does not allow hiding JPG images, but after activation the program can be used to hide the above image in the file dogs.png (contained in Here is the report after hiding (using the stego key "A completely meaningless phrase"):

Operation: Hide data
Data file: C:\__websites\hermetic_luxsci\stpng\original\cc.jpg
Data file size: 42,751 bytes
Original image file: C:\vb6\stego_png\stpng_test\1 png_files\dogs.png
Original image file size: 378,978 bytes
Stego image file: C:\vb6\stego_png\stpng_test\2 stego_png files\dogs.png
Stego image file size: 359,333 bytes
The data file was successfully hidden in the PNG image file.

And here is the report after extraction:

Operation: Extract data
Stego image file: D:\temp\stpng_test\stego_png_files\dogs.png
Stego image file size: 359,333 bytes
Data file: D:\temp\stpng_test\extracted_data_files\cc.jpg
Data file size: 42,751 bytes
The data file was successfully extracted from the PNG image file.

Original PNG file   Stego file
(A copy of the original file
with the data file hidden in it.)

The size of the original file is 370 KB and the size of the stego file is 350 KB (as stated in the report after hiding).

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