Stego PNG
Trial and Demo Modes

When the Stego PNG software is downloaded it initially runs as a trial version which has restrictions on what types of files can be hidden:

In addition, saving and loading the settings is not available except when quitting. But the software in trial mode can be used to test and evaluate the program as to suitability for your purposes by following the examples described in Hiding a Data File, Extracting a Data File and Hiding an Image File.

After 14 days the trial version becomes a demo version (not time-limited) which is the same as the trial version except that data files cannot be hidden.

The trial version is also useful in the following way: Suppose you have purchased a license, activated the software and hidden a message in a PNG or a BMP file, but for some reason the activated software is not at hand; you can still use the trial version (as downloaded from this site) to extract that message. This extraction ability remains even after the trial version becomes a demo version after 14 days.

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