Most Popular Articles

This is a list of the thirty articles (excluding the software user manual pages) which were most-visited during 2005-2011. In all cases the author is Peter Meyer except where noted in parentheses. The list is in order from most popular to least. Two-thirds of these articles are in the field of calendar studies.

  1. The Julian and Gregorian Calendars
  2. Julian Day Numbers
  3. Why Seven Days in a Week?
  4. Types of Calendar
  5. Computational Studies of Pure and Dilute Spin Models
  6. Lunar Calendars
  7. An Essay in the Philosophy of Social Science
  8. The ISO 8601 Date Format
  9. The Structure of the Chinese Calendar
  10. Lattice Geometries
  11. Dates and Times of Equinoxes and Solstices
  12. Leap Week Calendars (Karl Palmen)
  13. The Maya Calendar
  14. Interconverting Chinese and Western Years
  15. The Meyer-Palmen Solilunar Calendar
  16. Date and Time on the Internet (C. Newman)
  17. The Travelling Salesman Problem
  18. The Hermetic Lunar Week Calendar
  19. The Dresden Codex — the Book of Mayan Astronomy (B. and V. Böhm)
  20. Yerm Lunar Calendar (Karl Palmen)
  21. An Introduction to the Use of Encryption
  22. Colours of Numbers (Karl Palmen)
  23. How long is a year -- EXACTLY? (Simon Cassidy)
  24. Identical Calendar Years
  25. John Dee and the English Calendar: Science, Religion and Empire (Dr Robert Poole)
  26. Error in Statement of Tropical Year (Simon Cassidy)
  27. A Dice Theorem
  28. The Liberalia Triday Calendar
  29. Technical Chronology (Lance Latham)
  30. The Revision of [Egyptian] Chronology (Flinders Petrie)

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