C Code to HTML Converter

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Download and installation of this software has been temporarily suspended pending revision.

This is a Windows program to convert a C or C++ source code file to an HTML source code file for display in a web browser. It is very easy to use. It starts up thus:

C2HTML startup

You specify the file containing the C or C++ source code, and the folder to which to write the HTML code:

Specify input file and output folder

Then you click on Write HTML file, and the window appears thus:

Write HTML file

Clicking on Display HTML file in browser brings up (in this example) this page.

The Display raw HTML button will open a window which displays the first 100 or so lines of the HTML file.

If you wish to compare corresponding lines in the C/C++ file and the HTML file then check the Confirm each line checkbox and click again on the Display HTML file button. Each line of the C/C++ file which has been changed will then be displayed, as in:

Compare changed lines

You can test the trial version with any C or C++ source code file, but it will convert only the first 100 or so lines, which the program will display (by clicking on the Write HTML file button) in your default web browser. To see the program convert a larger file you can download the test file CLUSTERS.C, contained in the ZIP file CLUSTERS.ZIP.

Trial version: A copy of the software is available for free download from this website for the purpose of evaluation. Click on the following link for further information:

Download ...