Message from Ian Galpin re ISO 8601 web pages


I am the new Editor for the ISO 8601 Standard section of the Open Directory Project (ODP) located at:

I have been aware of your web site at for several years. Many sites, including my own, already link to it.

I have a few updates for you:

The document:
Gary Houston: ISO 8601:1988 Date/Time Representations has moved. It is now at:

There are also some other relevant pages on the same site:

The W3C document:
Date and Time Formats is not the latest version. Follow this link to get the address for the latest version. It should be:

There have been some updates to the document:
C. Newman: Date and Time on the Internet which is archived on your site at:

I think that you should still keep the old version on your site, as a historical archive. It used to be available in many places, but recently you had the only copy left on the whole of the Net.

One change is that I have tidied up the document slightly and archived a copy of it at:

Chris Newman has authored a completely new document, which has since undergone several revisions. The current version '05' can be found at: This site contains all previous revisions; and it is worth checking to see if a version '06' appears at some future time.

If you want to add a few extra links then there are now plenty more to choose from.

Here are a few others that you may find useful:

Discussion About the ISO 8601 Standard (YahooGroups):

Implementation of the ISO 8601 Standard around the world
A list of countries around the world that have adopted the ISO 8601 standard:

ISO 8601 Dates: What They Are and Why They're Good
University of Illinois at Chicago:

Date and Time — Week Numbers — by Peter J. Haas in Germany:

International Standard Date and Time Notation — Markus Kuhn.

Info on ISO 8601, the date and time representation standard:

Setting up your PC to use the Year-Month-Day date format:

Setting up your Mac to use the Year-Month-Day date format:

International Date Format Campaign — by Steve Adams:

ISO 8601 Date and Time — Converting and Implementing:

ISO 8601 Date/Time Representations — A simple introduction to ISO 8601 date and time formats — University of Wellington in New Zealand: (This is one of the 'original' ISO 8601 documents, one of the very first web sites that ever mentioned the standard.)

W3C Date and Time Formats — A Note concerning usage of ISO 8601 on the Internet — by Misha Wolf and Charles Wicksteed:

Standards for Representing Dates — University of California at Berkeley:

ISO 8601 style dates are now being used in all sorts of financial information, and are a core part of the XML technologies currently being developed.




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