Annus Novus Date Converter
Hermetic Systems
The Annus Novus Date Converter is a program for converting dates in the Common Era (a.k.a. Gregorian) Calendar to and from dates in the Annus Novus Decimal Calendar. Here is a screenshot:

The Annus Novus Decimal Calendar divides the seasonal year into ten months alternating between 36 and 37 days. A leap year occurs every fourth year, coinciding with Gregorian leap years. Leap years have a 1-day month called Intercalarius immediately following the tenth month. The calendar uses a 5-day week. Intercalarius is excluded from the week so as to make the calendar year perpetual.

The Annus Novus Decimal Calendar is the official calendar of the Empire of Atlantium. Click on the following link for further information about this calendar.

This software is freeware. The installation program can be downloaded by clicking on this link. No activation key is needed; after installation the program starts up fully functional.

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