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This software was originally written to run under DOS, hence the text-based user interface, with selection of items by means of up- and down-arrow keys. The software is available in a German version as well as in English. On 32-bit PCs running Windows XP the program may be run by locating the executable file mc8e.exe in the folder /maya/exe on the flash drive, and double-clicking on the program icon. On 64-bit PCs and PCs running later versions of Windows the program can only be run by using the Windows emulator DOSBox.

In this software the so-called Goodman-Martinez-Thompson correlation number — 584,283 — is the default correlation number, but you can easily use any other. This software also allows specification of such comparatively arcane matters as the year-bearer system and the haab month base number.

Different systems are used in the various codices. The system used in the Dresden Codex ("Tikal") differs from that used in the Madrid Codex ("Mayapan"), and the system presupposed in the books of Dr. José Argüelles ("Yucatan") differs from both. Thus anyone seriously interested in matters involving the Maya Calendar needs to be able to convert Maya dates in more than one system.

This software includes the ability to derive a list of possible correlation numbers from the association of a tzolkin/haab date with a particular Gregorian or Julian date. It is a useful tool to invoke when you find some writer who gives such a date as equivalent to some tzolkin/haab date.

The concepts of tzolkin/haab date, year-bearer system, etc., are explained in The Maya Calendar.

Obtaining the software: This software is contained on the Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero Theory flash drive.

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