Printable Calendar

Hermetic Systems

This web page allows you to define a calendar page (as in "page of a wall calendar") and then print it. You can specify the start date, the first day of the week (usually Sunday or Monday) and the number of weeks (rows). After you have specified the calendar page, click on Create calendar page and it will be displayed (unless the input is invalid). You can then use your browser to print it (useful, of course, for reminding yourself of appointments, things to do, etc.).

The width of the table will be all of the screen or the printed page. Generally it's best to set your printer to landscape mode (in portrait mode the cells are rather narrow). (With the Opera web browser you should check 'Print page background' in 'Print options' so that the cell borders will be printed.) If the calendar does not print entirely on one page then return to this page, reduce the number of weeks or the number of lines in each cell, and recreate the calendar page.

Start date:   Year:  Month (1...12):  Day (1...31): 
Number of weeks: (2...20)
Number of lines in each cell: (2...30)
First day of the week:

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