Converting Umlauts to HTML Entities

Here is a simple C program which demonstrates reading from and writing to textfiles and also does something useful, namely, it reads a file containing German text and converts all characters with umlauts, e.g., ä, Ü, etc., to HTML entities, e.g., ä, Ü, etc.  It may be applied to HTML documents in German which contain characters with umlauts so as to convert the document into proper HTML.

CHUMLAUT.C contains the C source code for this program.  CHUMLAUT.EXE is the 32-bit Intel executable.  Both files are contained in CHUMLAUT.ZIP.

CHUMLAUT.EXE is a console application.  The syntax of the program is:  CHUMLAUT input_file output_file

The name of the output file must be different from that of the input file.

Clearly the C source code can be modified so as to convert special characters in other languages, such as French, to their HTML equivalents.

This program is free for non-commercial use.

Last modified: 2003-07-08 CE

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