Sending ME6-Encrypted Files to Another Person

Cryptosystem ME6 is primarily designed for secure storage of multiple files, that is, the data is encrypted and stored on the same PC. Normally the person who decrypts the data will be the same as the person who has encrypted it (or, if different, the two people will live or work at the same location). In this case there is no problem about transmitting the encryption key to the person doing the decryption.

Encrypted files can, of course, be sent to another person by various means:

In order to decrypt the file the recipient needs two things:

  1. The encryption key.
  2. Some software to perform the decryption.
It is not necessary that the recipient has purchased a user license for the Cryptosystem ME6 software because the software in demo mode will decrypt ME6-encrypted files.

An encrypted file can be sent by one person to another person as follows:

  1. The Cryptosystem ME6 software is downloaded by the sender from this website.
  2. A user license for ME6 is purchased by the sender and the software is activated so as to be fully functional.
  3. A file containing sensitive information is encrypted.
  4. The encrypted file is transmitted in some way to a second person.
  5. The encryption key is transmitted in some way (by some other means).
  6. The recipient downloads the ME6 software.
  7. The recipient uses the preceding two items to decrypt the encrypted file.

In this way it is possible to transmit data securely from Person A to Person B (if the key can be transmitted securely) even though only one user license for Cryptosystem ME6 has been purchased (by Person A).

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