Data Destroyer
Saving and loading the setup

The setup is the particular configuration of folder, files, etc., that is currently specified. If the same operation is to be performed often it is useful to be able to save and load a particular setup so as not to have to re-specify the configuration.

Clicking on Setup produces the setup submenu:

Clicking on Save setup produces the save setup submenu:

If you save the setup for the next run then when Data Destroyer is next run the current setup will be loaded automatically.

If you wish to use this setup frequently, whether or not on the next run, then save it to an "operation file".

Operation files must have .dds extension, which is supplied by the program if you do not include it in the name for the operation file.

A setup which has been saved to an operation file can be loaded again when needed. To do this click on Setup then on Load setup and click on the operation file to be loaded (or first change the folder if the setup file is in a folder other than the one displayed).

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