Data Destroyer
Anti-Malware Software

The Data Destroyer program is malware-free (see Virus Total's report). However, when it is purging a file it wipes that file by overwriting it, and if the file is of a type that an anti-virus program is watching — such as a 'doc' or a 'js' (Javascript) file — this may cause that anti-virus program to stop program execution, issue a warning ("Program behaving badly"), offer to 'disinfect' the offending program and to reboot the computer, or might even delete the Data Destroyer program without asking permission. This is the result of a "misdiagnosis" on the part of the anti-malware software. (See, for example, this notice of misreport from Kaspersky Labs, and see also here.)

If a sensitive file is present among files to be purged, and any anti-malware software present is not disabled then it may interrupt the process, leaving the file only partially wiped. Thus if a warning is given then it is advisable to disable your anti-malware software, temporarily. Best, however, is simply to disable any anti-malware software while running Data Destroyer.

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