Celtic Festival and Cross-Quarter Dates 9.44

This is not free software. But a copy of the Celtic Festival and Cross-Quarter Dates software may be freely downloaded for the purpose of evaluation. Trial version produces data only for every 3rd year and some data is omitted.

You can download the trial version (which is about 1.5 Mb in size) from:

After installation you can run the program by means of your 'Start' menu. (An uninstall facility is provided in case you wish to remove the program.)

An activation key is required in order to make the trial version fully functional. An activation key can be obtained immediately upon your purchase or soon after.

You can verify that a downloaded file has not been altered by getting its MD5 digital signature using OnlineMD5. Select the file (or drag it to that page) and compare the digital signature to those below:

cfd944_setup.exe F3840004F77BB623E030C9093DECAD10 3E40FB824943943ABE2ABAE9273F3F61

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