Easy Graphics File Converter
6.  Error messages

Not all files can be converted. A file to be converted is loaded entirely into memory before conversion, so an out-of-memory error is possible (in which case rebooting may help). Even so, this program can convert large files; JPG files of up to 20 MB have been converted successfully.

When a file can't be converted, an error message is displayed, stating whether it is an error in reading the input file or an error in writing the output file. For example, BMP files which use compression (via run-length-encoding) can't be converted.

Error message

The following are some possible error messages:
  • Corrupted file or invalid file format
  • Invalid bits per pixel for this file format
  • Memory allocation error
  • Invalid requested image size
  • Invalid bitmap handle
  • Unable to open file
  • Unsupported file format option
  • Error reading file
  • Error writing to the output file
  • Corrupt File

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