Easy Graphics File Converter
3.  Batch File Conversion

Suppose we have a set of BMP images in a folder C:\_test\input_images\ which we wish to convert to PNG images. Clicking on the Input images folder brings up a window for selecting the folder in which are located the images to be converted. Similarly for the output images folder (which can be the same as the input images folder).

After a folder has been selected the numbers of graphics files of the four types are given, e.g.:

If no graphics files are present then you may have selected a folder which you did not intend to select.

We then specify the input and output file formats. In this example, clicking on the left List button gives a list of the BMP files in the input images folder.

Specification of input images folder.

Clicking on Convert files then does the job. If some file can't be converted then an error message is included in the report.


It's also possible to convert a set of JPG images to JPG images with a specified quality value:


If the original JPGs were saved with no compression then this can produce a set of JPGs of good quality whose total size is about 30% of that of the original images.

When a file is being converted the name and size of the file appears at the top, along with a Stop button.

Stop button

Clicking on the Stop button will cause the operation to stop before converting any more files (you may have to wait a few seconds until the conversion of the current file is completed).

If the Warn if about to overwrite existing file box is checked and the software is about to overwrite an existing file then a window appears as follows:


You can then take appropriate action as shown.

There is no limit on the number or the size of image files which can be converted in a single operation. It has been reported that the program can convert "large batches of graphics image files in excess of 155 MB with ease".

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