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5.  Optimization of JPG Images

Original IAO logoIt may happen that you have a JPG file to put on a web page, but that file is quite large. Here an example will be given of how such a large file can be replaced by a much smaller file without any discernible loss of quality. We start from the image at right, which is 116,304 bytes in size. (This, by the way, was the original logo of the US government's Information Awareness Office).

Can we obtain the same thing with far fewer bytes? Sure. Simply convert the JPG file to a set of JPG files over a range of quality values, say, 90, 70, 50, 30 and 10.

Check View in browser and after the conversion the source file and the files produced should automatically be displayed in your default browser — click here.

We thus see that the file size reduction, and visual quality, is as given in the table below. Thus we can use the JPG file created with quality value 50 (displayed below), for a reduction from the original JPG file of 116,304 bytes to a JPG file of 15,189 bytes, a size reduction of 87%.

File name File size
in bytes
iao-original-logo.jpg 116,304
iao-original-logo_q90.jpg 35,689 90 good
iao-original-logo_q70.jpg 19,806 70 good
iao-original-logo_q50.jpg 15,189 50 good
iao-original-logo_q30.jpg 11,573 30 so-so
iao-original-logo_q10.jpg 6,342 10 poor

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