How to Donate

Like (almost) everyone else, the author of this website needs money to live. In earlier years I received sufficient income from sales to cover the cost of food, accommodation, some medical expenses and the not‑insignificant costs of running an online business — but not anymore.

As everyone knows, early in 2020 the world was hit by the so‑called Covid‑19 pandemic (its real nature and origins have been subject to much debate and disagreement), due to which most governments imposed lockdowns on their populations, preventing many millions of people from conducting their normal lives, interacting with each other and making a living in the way they used to. Their loss of income has resulted in far fewer sales, to the point where not only is the survival of Hermetic Systems at risk but also my own, since sales (and occasionally some commissioned software development) is my only source of income. (I am, however, a good editor and proof reader, if you need one.)

Consequently I must reluctantly resort to an appeal for donations. At present a donation can be made only via MoneyGram international money transfer. To do this online see their website here. Receipt of money is via "cash pickup".

Rather than sending online via that page (which asks for several items of personal information) you can instead visit a MoneyGram agent in person — most cities and towns have several. For the location of your nearest MG agent in the U.S. or another country visit this page. For non-U.S. countries you can also use this page (select your country from the drop‑down list; to get this, click on the V above the "Enter address" box). Then:

  1. Present some ID (driver's license, passport or similar).
  2. State that you want to send money to PETER JOHANN MEYER (in Europe)
  3. Give them the amount you wish to send, plus a small fee.
  4. Get from them an 8‑digit reference number.

That's all that your local agent wants or needs.

Then you have to inform me of the reference number, which you can do simpy by sending it to:

If any question, comment or request, you can use the contact form on this website.

That's it — and thanks in advance!

And for someone who makes a donation I am happy to provide them with a complimentary user license (or more than one) for any item of my software on my home page, or to answer some (non‑personal) question that they've been wanting to ask but didn't know who to turn to.

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