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HTML Table Creator Tool creates the HTML code for a table of a specified number of rows and a specified number of columns, with the possibility of specifying multiple cells larger than 1 row by 1 column. Text may be entered into the cells of the table (within the program), and colors, fonts and font sizes can be set for each cell or for the whole table. Cells can be copied to other cells (or whole rows or columns) thus reducing the time required for creating tables. Table specifications can be saved to disk using the 'Save' button and can later be restored using the 'Load' button.

Here is how the program looks on first startup:

Compatible with Windows 7 Text (which may be HTML code) may be entered into the cells of the table, along with font, alignment, width, height and color values. HTML Table Creator Tool supports the creation of HTML code for any arrangement of cells of any size (subject to a limit of 20 rows and 20 columns), such as the following:

We have today:    
  Apples Oranges Bananas
Grapes Pineapples Lychees
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Here is a screenshot showing a typical table specification with cell coloring and cell content added (plus center alignments for the cells):

After the table is created the generated HTML code displays as follows:

Amyglodial Refibulation Constants
Males Females
Standard Macular Achondriatic Standard Macular Achondriatic
37.33 121.33 22.31 40.21 89.22 15.37

Here are four mini-tutorials which show how several tables can be constructed:

How to obtain the software: A fully-functional version of the HTML Table Creator Tool software is available for free download from this website. Click on the following link to go to a web page with further information:

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