User Manual for
Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder
Date Conversion

This software converts among dates in the following calendars:

Conversions may be made by entering a date in any of the calendars into the Date/time window and clicking on Convert. For dates other than astronomical and chronological Julian dates, a time may be included, as in "2003-12-31 CE 15:55". If no time is specified then 12:00 (local) is assumed.

Note that days in the Hermetic Lunar Week Calendar begin at approximately dawn, so that the time 00:00 in a HLW date/time corresponds to 06:00 in any of the other calendars.

Common Era and Julian dates are displayed (and must be entered) in ISO 8601 format, that is, year-month-day.

Note that the year-numbering system employed in date entry is the astronomical year-numbering system, in which years B.C. are represented by zero and negative integers: 1 BC = 0 CE, 2 BC = -1 CE, 3 BC = -2 CE, and so on. So the 31st of December 22 B.C. is -21-12-31 CE. For a fuller explanation see Astronomical Year Numbering.

Clicking on a date displayed on-screen (in yellow) will copy it to the Date/time window, along with the time as displayed (either GMT or local). You can then modify that date and click on Convert to obtain corresponding dates in the other calendars.

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