User Manual for
Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder
Moving Forward and Backward

The software allows adding or subtracting a time period to or from a date in one of these calendars, either by using the Move forward/back facility or by using the Convert facility with a value specified for "days".

The display may be moved forward or backward by any of the following time periods:

  • 1 minute
  • 1 hour
  • 1 day
  • 1 CE month
  • 1 CE year
  • 1 CE century
  • 1 ARC month
  • 1 ARC year
  • 1 MP month
  • 1 MP year
  • 1 MP cycle
  • 1 MMG month
  • 1 MMG year
  • 1 MMG cycle
  • 1 LLT month
  • 1 LLT year
  • 1 LLT cycle
  • 1 HLW week
  • 1 HLW month
  • 1 HLW year

The Move button is used to move the displayed dates forward or backward by any of the above periods; it does not require any content in the Date/time window.

The Convert button is used (a) to convert a date in the Date/time window to dates in the other calendars or (b) to add or subtract a specified number of days (which may include a fractional part) given in the plus/minus window to or from a date in the Date/time window.

If you click on Convert with a value in the plus/minus window, but with the Date/time window empty, then the program will perform the addition or subtraction with the currently displayed date.

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