User Manual for
Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder
The History and the Log

The dates resulting from the eight most recent operations with the software are kept in a "history" list. Any of these may be selected to restore the display to that date.

Operations are recorded in a log if Log results is checked. When the log is empty the View log button is disabled. If the results are not being logged then the last result can (usually) be added to the log by clicking on Log this result. This allows logging only of results that are found to be interesting.

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 13.092

Search for next total lunar eclipse.
2014-04-15 CE 07:46 (local = GMT)
JC=2014-04-02 ARC=4712-03-16 MP=102-40-01-16 LLT=113-06-06-1 MMG=1-108-03-16
HLW=5014-01-2-8 CJD=2,456,763.3240 AJD=2,456,762.8240
Full moon, illum. = 100.0%, lunat. and age = [176] 15 days, 13 hrs, 2 mins (52.7%).
Total lunar eclipse, lunation number = 176, saros number = 122,
penumbral phase starts 04:55 and lasts 5h 43m,
umbral phase starts 05:59 and lasts 3h 34m,
total phase starts 07:07 and lasts 1h 18m.

Set log preferences The text in the log window (or a selected part of it) may be copied into a text editor and printed from there.

Clicking on Set log preferences opens a window which allows inclusion or exclusion of various calendar dates in the log entries (see image at right).

The state of the software may be saved at any time. When quitting you are asked if you wished to save the state (unless it has already been saved). When the program starts up again it restores the last-saved state (if any).

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