Prime Factors

Hermetic Systems

Windows software to find prime numbers, pairs of primes,
all factors of a given number (and more)

1. Introduction

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Prime Factors may be used to: In addition a "filter" condition may be set to allow examination of numbers with a constant offset from an arithmetical or a geometrical progression, e.g., just those numbers of the form 7*n - 12 or 10n + 2. The main screen looks like this:

Prime Factors screenshot

Examples of the use of the program are given in the user manual. Following accepted mathematical convention, the number 1 is not held to be a prime number.

User Manual
  prime number spiral

Trial version: The Prime Factors installation program can be downloaded from this website for the purpose of installing a trial version for evaluation. Click on the following link for further information:

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Price and ordering: A user license is available for a period of 3 months or with no time limit (a 'perpetual' license). Prices for each type of license are given at Purchase a User License. An activation key is required in order to make the trial version fully functional, and can be obtained immediately (or soon after) your purchase.

Refund: A refund will be provided promptly up to thirty days after purchase if the software does not perform satisfactorily.

Updates: Purchasers of a user license for this software are entitled to an update to any later version at no additional cost.

The developer of this program, Peter Meyer, is currently available for custom software development. You can contact him here.