Purchase a Multiple-User License for
Data Destroyer

A single-user license is available for this program (click here for details).  A multiple-user license (3 months, 1 year or perpetual) for from 2 to 10 users is also available for this program.

A multiple-user license is a license for this program to be used simultaneously by the members of a group of up to a specific number of people. So a 4-user license would allow up to four people to use the software at one time. Only one email address is required, namely, that of the purchaser of the license. Other members of the group should install the software and (when the 'Activate this software' window appears at startup) request an activation key by email. After giving the name and email address of the purchaser of the user license, a key can be obtained by a member of the group in either of two ways:

If you have previously purchased a single-user license and you later purchase a multiple-user license (for the same program) then your payment for the single-user license will be refunded, provided a request is made within 45 days of the date of purchase of the single-user license.

The price of a multiple-user license depends on the price of a single-user license (perpetual or time-limited) and the maximum number of users.

The price for a single-user license for this program is:
  • US$29.45, €23.75 or £20.95 for a perpetual license
  • US$17.25, €13.75 or £12.25 for a 1-year license
  • US$12.25, €9.75 or £8.75 for a 3-month license

3-month and 1-year user licenses enable you to use the software from the date of purchase of the license to the end of the stated period. A perpetual license is not time-limited. Upon expiry of a time-limited license another license can be purchased at any time thereafter.

Group license prices
Maximum number
of users
Perpetual1 year 3 months
2US$53.05 (US$26.53 per user)
€42.85 (€21.43 per user)
£37.85 (£18.93 per user)
US$31.05 (US$15.53 per user)
€24.65 (€12.33 per user)
£22.05 (£11.03 per user)
US$22.05 (US$11.03 per user)
€17.45 (€8.73 per user)
£15.65 (£7.83 per user)
4US$88.55 (US$22.14 per user)
€71.35 (€17.84 per user)
£62.95 (£15.74 per user)
US$51.75 (US$12.94 per user)
€41.35 (€10.34 per user)
£36.55 (£9.14 per user)
US$36.55 (US$9.14 per user)
€28.95 (€7.24 per user)
£26.15 (£6.54 per user)
6US$113.05 (US$18.84 per user)
€90.85 (€15.14 per user)
£80.05 (£13.34 per user)
US$66.25 (US$11.04 per user)
€52.45 (€8.74 per user)
£47.05 (£7.84 per user)
US$47.05 (US$7.84 per user)
€37.45 (€6.24 per user)
£33.25 (£5.54 per user)
8US$131.55 (US$16.44 per user)
€105.95 (€13.24 per user)
£93.15 (£11.64 per user)
US$77.15 (US$9.64 per user)
€61.15 (€7.64 per user)
£54.75 (£6.84 per user)
US$54.75 (US$6.84 per user)
€43.55 (€5.44 per user)
£38.75 (£4.84 per user)
10US$146.45 (US$14.65 per user)
€118.45 (€11.85 per user)
£104.45 (£10.45 per user)
US$85.45 (US$8.55 per user)
€68.45 (€6.85 per user)
£60.45 (£6.05 per user)
US$60.45 (US$6.05 per user)
€48.45 (€4.85 per user)
£43.45 (£4.35 per user)


  • the type of license (3 months, 1 year or perpetual)
  • the maximum number of people who will be using the software at any one time (2, 4, 6, 8 or 10)
  • the currency in which you wish to pay

then click on 'Continue'.

Type of license:  Number of users:

At the present time payment is accepted only via PayPal.

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