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Viewport and Keywords Meta Tag Generator scans an HTML file and builds a keywords meta tag from the most frequent and emphasized words, which (optionally together with a viewport meta tag) it inserts automatically into the document. The program acts either on single HTML files or multiple files in multiple subfolders. If you don't need keywords meta tags to be inserted then you can instruct the program to insert only the viewport meta tag.

The viewport meta tag is an important part of responsive web design since it is the key to preparing a page for viewing on mobile devices. The image on the left shows how a web page appears without a viewport meta tag, and the image on the right shows how it appears with one.

Not mobile-friendly page Unreadable, but with a viewport meta tag we obtain: Mobile-friendly page

An HTML document has two parts, the header, between <HEAD> and </HEAD>, and the body, between <BODY> and </BODY>. Within the header there are usually META tags, including the VIEWPORT meta tag (to render a web page readable on smartphones) and the KEYWORDS meta tag. The latter is intended to provide search engines, when spidering a web page, with a list of words (called "keywords") which assist in retrieving the web page when someone searches the web using one or more of those keywords. However it is tedious to create a keywords meta tag by hand, especially for a large document, since you have to identify what words best characterize the content of the web page. Viewport and Keywords Meta Tag Generator automates the creation of a keywords meta tag based on the words most often used in the page and the way they are used.

Here is a typical screenshot:

Viewport and Keywords Meta Tag Generator screenshot

This program also provides the keyword density for the words found (this is the number of occurrences of a keyword divided by the total number of words in the document. This is useful information because if an important keyword has a keyword density of less than 1% it is less likely to be noticed by a search engine spider, whereas a word with a keyword density of more than 4% might seem suspicious.

This software acts only on HTML files. It can process multiple files (in multiple folders) in a single operation, with no limit on the number of files.

User Manual

How to obtain the software: A copy of the Viewport and Keywords Meta Tag Generator software can be downloaded from this website. Click on the link below to go to a web page with further information:

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