Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version
Support for Recommended Frequencies for SEO

A customer wrote:

I bought this program to help me with ensuring I've met the requirements of a minimum SEO Score. The SEO Score is a measure of search engine optimization, and ultimately, higher rankings and organic traffic. For my employer, it means they want to see a certain number of keywords at the recommended frequencies. This program is perfect for giving me the data to analyze that. However, I have been pasting the results into an Excel spreadsheet, both the results of the output from the program, and the original Word file, and searching for duplicates to see how many words I did or didn't manage to include. I feel like there must be a better way to do this. Is there any way to compare a word list that includes a "recommended" frequency against the actual frequency of a word in the list?

I mean both single words and phrases, counting only specified words/phrases in a list provided to me by an ad agency. When writing the article I've been trying to pay more attention to keeping to at least the recommended frequencies of the word distribution (for SEO purposes). In the ad agency's instructions they include a table with recommended minimum and maximum frequencies of keywords. So using your program is great, to see how many words I included in my draft of the article, and I can compare my distribution with the recommended one. However, it would be great if the program would do the comparison for me.

We here at Hermetic Systems gave some thought to this, and the result is a version of this program which provides what this customer needed.

Suppose your employer wants you to write an article about climbing shoes, around 3000 words in length. You could begin it thus:

An overview of the various kinds of athletic climbing is helpful because that, in turn, helps determine the best type of climbing shoe to buy. There are many kinds of athletic climbing; traditional, sport climbing (and trad climbing), roped climbing (top and lead), and unroped climbing, including bouldering. ...

With SEO in mind, you employer provides a list of recommended keywords, with a wish that they occur (if possible) at least, and at most, a certain number of times in the article (as shown in the left column below). In order for this program to count these words and phrases, and to compare the result with the recommended limits, you must first create a text file of count-only-words, as shown in the right column below.

Keywords Suggested frequencies
At least At most
climbing shoes 3 10
feet 3 10
rubber 3 10
fit 3 10
foot 3 10
bouldering 3 10
gym 3 10
shape 3 10
tight 3 10
bouldering shoes 1 2
women's climbing shoes 1 2
men's climbing shoes 1 2
rubber sole 1 2
pair 1 2
heel 1 2
heel cup 1 2
sport climbing 1 2
pair of shoes 1 2
men's shoes 1 2
women's shoes 1 2
sole 1 2
and possibly more

3 10 climbing shoes
3 10 feet
3 10 rubber
3 10 fit
3 10 foot
3 10 bouldering
3 10 gym
3 10 shape
3 10 tight
1 2 bouldering shoes
1 2 women's climbing shoes
1 2 men's climbing shoes
1 2 rubber sole
1 2 pair
1 2 heel
1 2 heel cup
1 2 sport climbing
1 2 pair of shoes
1 2 men's shoes
1 2 women's shoes
1 2 sole

Then fire up WFCA and specify the file to be scanned and the output fle.

In the Settings panel click on the "Count-only words/phrases files" button and select the file containing the count-only words, for example:

Specifying the count-only words file

Answer "Yes" to "Do you wish to list them?" and they will be displayed in the text box at the main window (as shown at right).

Now click on "Count words/phrases", and then (in the window which opens) click on "Count only specified words/phrases".
The result should be something like what's shown below ("RecFreq" is short for "Recommended Frequencies"):


The results can also be ordered alphabetically:

alphabetic ordering

conditions The recommended frequencies will be displayed along with the actual frequencies when and only when:
(a) a count-only words/phrases file is used which has recommended frequencies
(b) the specified format is either "frequency word/phrase" or "word/phrase frequency" and
(c) "Display relative frequency" is unchecked.

As noted above, the order can be either "alphabetical" or "by frequency".

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