Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version
Embedded Comments

If the 'Allow comment markers' checkbox in the 'Settings' window is checked then an input file may contain comments. Comments are identified by comment markers, which are of two kinds, block and line.

This is part of the text
// This is a one-line comment which will be skipped.
This is a continuation of the text.

This is part of the text
This is a comment which
can be extended over several lines
and will be skipped.
The text continues ...

The use of comment markers makes it possible to skip sections of the file when it is read. However, comment markers cannot be used in HTML, XML, PHP, C and C++ files or with text on the clipboard.

To count words or phrases only up to and including a certain line in a file, insert a line consisting only of /* just after the line you wish to stop at.

The file is scanned up to this line.
The remainder of the file is not scanned.

Comment markers can be used in a count-only-words/phrases file and in a words-to-ignore file to disable (temporarily or permanently) sections of that file so that the words and phrases within those sections are skipped when the file is read. This also allows use of a header section, as in:

/* Phrases to look for.
Last modified: 2015-12-31 */
data structure, complex data, complex simulations,
complexity in a relationship, comprehensive data,

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