Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version
Exporting Results to Excel

When an output file is specified, at the conclusion of a successful count of words or phrases the output file can be read into Excel for further processing. The way this is done differs between the basic version and the Advanced Version. In the Advanced Version tab characters are written to the output file (to mark fields, thus columns), so it should be read as tab-delimited, not as (in the basic version) space-delimited. That's because the Advanced Version also counts phrases, and phrases have spaces.

This chapter concerns export of results to Excel when either of the Count words/phrases or the Count all phrases functions are used. When the Create Excel table of words vs files function is used (described in the next section), the file should be read into Excel as tab-delimited.

Here is an example of counting phrases and importing the result into Excel. Suppose we ask (via the Count all phrases button, not the Create Excel table ... button) the program to count all phrases containing 3 to 6 words, with output to a file (so the Disable checkbox should not be checked). The output is something like:

Opening the output file C:\_temp\output.txt in Excel or in Libre Office Calc brings up the Text Import Wizard (this is a screenshot from Excel, but Libre Office Calc is similar):

Select Delimited and make sure that "File origin" is set to "Windows (ANSI)" or "Windows-1252", then click on Next. Check tab as the delimiter:

Click on Next, then on Finish. Excel then displays the output data in a spreadsheet. Here is a screenshot from Libre Office Calc (you have to reduce the width of column A to get this):

Excel 2003 has a limit of 65,536 rows; for 100,000 rows use Excel 2007 or later.

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