Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version
Multiple Words-to-Ignore and
Count-Only-Words/Phrases Files

In previous versions of this software only one file containing words-to-ignore could be specified at one time, and similarly only one file containing words/phrases to be counted. It is now possible to specify multiple files of both sorts, with the possibility of switching among alternative files.

For example, suppose you have text files in English and in German. When counting words in the English documents you probably wish to ignore common words in English, and when counting words in German documents you probably wish to ignore common words in German. (Files with common words in various languages are supplied with the software, as explained here.) You could load the two common words files as needed, but there is an easier way to switch between them.

Click on the button labelled 'Words-to-ignore files' and load the file for common words in English. Then do the same for common words in German. Both files are now contained in a drop-down list, as in:

When a file is selected from this list you can either load the words-to-ignore in that file, or you can remove that file from the list (or do nothing).

The 'Clear' button removes all files from the list (after confirmation).

Note that loading a words-to-ignore file, or selecting a file from the list, replaces any previously loaded or selected words-to-ignore. The words in the loaded/selected file are not merged with existing words-to-ignore; rather they replace them.

If you wish to ignore words in two different words-to-ignore files then you must first combine them into one file. An example of this is the file cwds_en_de.txt, which combines common words in cwds_en.txt (Engish) with common words in cwds_de.txt (German). This file could be used when working with documents that are partly in English and partly in German, or when working with documents in English and documents in German without having to switch between the common words file when a document language changes.

If you wish to switch between multiple count-only-words/phrases files then the corresponding button and drop-down list work in the same way.

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