Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version
Two Modes of Operation:
Count-All and Count-Only (Search)

The basic version has only one mode of operation: count-all. The Advanced Version has two different modes of operation: count-all and count-only (a.k.a. search).

The words and phrases found can be listed alphabetically or by frequency, with the rank and frequency of each displayed. In both modes, when multiple files are scanned, the names of the files in which the words and phrases are found can be displayed, together with their frequencies in each file.

Note that in count-only mode:

  1. The settings in the 'Ignore words' section of the 'Settings' window are disabled and have no effect except for the Ignore words with fewer than n occurrences and the Ignore words with more than n occurrences settings (if the checkboxes for these are checked).
  2. The presence or absence of a words-to-ignore file (or a list of extra words to ignore) makes no difference, since all such words will be ignored anyway unless they are included among the words to be counted.

But when counting phrases, the presence of some words to ignore may make a difference if the Exclude phrases consisting only of words to ignore checkbox in the Count all phrases window is checked.

Simple patterns and regular expressions may be used for count-only words and phrases; see Counting Words and Phrases which Match Patterns.

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