World Times Spreadsheet
By Peter Meyer
Hermetic Systems

I often wonder what time it is in another country. So I made an Excel spreadsheet to help me. Others may find it useful.

You can add, edit and delete regions (countries or states within a country, or perhaps cities), and also sort them (as shown below). When a region changes to or from DST (daylight saving time) an adjustment for that region must be made manually.

To use this spreadsheet first specify your local timezone (in hours before or after GMT) without any DST adjustment. Then add regions that you are interested in, delete those you aren't, and save the file. (The timezone value for a region should be the timezone without any DST adjustment.) There is no need to manually update the spreadsheet; it is updated automatically.

There are, of course, online world time websites, but you have to be online to use them. And even when you are online, loading the spreadsheet is easier than bringing up the website in your perhaps already-cluttered web browser.

Countries which use DST don't all change on the same date. For example, in 2011 North America switched to DST on March 13, but Europe did not do so until March 27. When a region switches to or from DST only the 'Y' or 'N' in the 'DST?' column needs to be changed; the timezone value (which is always without DST) remains unchanged. For regions which don't use DST (e.g., Venezuela and China) this cell can be left blank.

Sorted by timezone     Sorted by region

Download links: the Excel file and that file in a ZIP file.  The MD5 digital signatures of these two files are 26CE70F074AF1E3C17236CAE5CE4665C and 48DD51213177AD037D8452CA9CE506CA respectively.

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