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Windows software to copy changed files easily and quickly to a backup device

There is currently a plague of malicious programs called 'ransomware'. If your PC becomes infected then you will see a notice informing you that your files have been encrypted (and are unreadable and unusable), but by paying a hefty amount in Bitcoin you can recover your data. The best defense against ransomware is to back up your files regularly.

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Backup Modified Files is for backing up files in selected folders and subfolders. The software can be told to back up only files which have changed since the last backup (thus saving time by not copying files unnecessarily). The backup copies are not changed in any way. The program can also be told to back up just files with a particular file extension. It is network-compatible and can be used with the Windows Task Scheduler.

Using Windows Explorer it is, of course, possible to copy a file or folder to a backup device. But if one has several sets of files, or subfolders of various folders, that one wishes to back up each day, then this becomes tedious and time-consuming. With this program you can create a setup file which defines a particular backup operation. Having done that, you can simply load the setup and with one click of a button you can perform the operation.

If you regularly perform a more complex backup then it is possible to define up to 12 setup files (best saved conveniently in a setups folder) and tell the program to perform the backups specified in some or all of them sequentially, without your having to load each setup file separately.

This software also enables you to delete files you have backed up, and for the sake of security you can tell it to overwrite the files before deleting them.

Here is a typical screenshot.

'Backup Modified Files' screenshot

Clicking on the 'Backup new and modified' button will then perform the backup as specified.

You can save this backup specification to a setup file, and reload it on a subsequent run. You can create several different setup files. If you have more than a couple then you can use the multiple backup facility of this software. Clicking on the 'Use multiple backup' button brings up:

The use of multiple setup files for performing multiple backup operations is explained in the user manual here.

User Manual
  1. Specifying the Files to be Backed Up
  2. Specifying Where the Files are to be Backed Up To
  3. Saving and Loading Setup Files
  4. The Backup Operations
  5. The Deletion Operation
  6. The Report File
  7. Multiple Backup Operations
  8. Restoring Files
  9. Scheduling a Backup Operation using Task Scheduler
  10. Running the Program using Task Scheduler
    without User Supervision
  11. Auto-Shutdown on Completion

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Refund: A refund will be provided promptly up to thirty days after purchase if the software does not perform satisfactorily.

Updates: Purchasers of a user license are entitled to an update to any later version at no additional cost.

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