.: Multiple-User Licenses :.

When you purchase an item of software what you are purchasing is a license to use that software. The license is permission granted by the owner of the software for you to use it for its intended purpose (subject to stated restrictions). A user license is normally granted to a single person or a company, and this is called a single-user license. (A single-user license granted to a company allows use of the software by only one person at any one time. Our single-user license terms are here.) There is a type of license called a multiple-user license (or multi-user license for short), which is a license for more than one person (in a company or in a group of people) to use the software simultaneously. A multi-user license is also called a site license or a group license.

A group license, as stated, is a license for members of group to use the software simultaneously. But the members do not have to be the same people all the time. The essential point regarding a group license is the limit on the number of people (called users) allowed simultaneous use. Thus a company might purchase a site license for 6 users, which allows up to 6 people in that company to use the software at one time.

A group license is purchased by a representative of the group (e.g., the purchasing manager in a company, or one person in a private group), and the license is registered to the email address of that person (which can later be changed if needed). Thus only one email address is required, namely, that of the purchaser of the license.

Each PC requires a specific activation key in order to convert it from the limited functionality of the trial version (which can be downloaded from this website) to full functionality. Members of the group other than the purchaser should install the software on their PC and (when the 'Activate this software' window appears at startup) request an activation key by email, which brings up our request-a-key page in their browser. After giving the name and email address of the purchaser of the user license, a key can be obtained in either of two ways:

  • By the member giving their email address to which the key should be sent.
  • Not doing so, in which case the key will be sent to the purchaser, who can then send it to that member when asked to do so.

For some of our software it is possible to obtain single-user licenses and multi-user licenses for a period of 3 months, 1 year or an unlimited time (a perpetual user license).

A multi-user license is associated with a particular program and a particular email address, so it is not possible to purchase two or more multi-user licenses for the same program using the same email address, except that, e.g., the same email address can be used for a 3-month site license and a perpetual site license. A single purchase email address can be used for the purchase of site licenses for different programs.

The trial version of a program should be tested before purchasing a multi-user license to ensure that it is suitable for your intended use. Purchases can be made via PayPal or via Share-it. If you need a printable invoice (for tax or other purposes) then you must purchase via Share-it.

If you have previously purchased a single-user license and you later purchase a multiple-user license (for the same program) then your payment for the single-user license will be refunded, provided a request is made within 45 days of the date of purchase of the single-user license. The price of a multiple-user license depends on the price of a single-user license (perpetual or time-limited) and the maximum number of users. Multi-user licenses are currently available for the following programs (click on the links to go to a page showing prices in USD, EUR and GBP, from where you can continue to the PayPal or the Share-it order page):

Backup Modified Files — backs up all, new or modified files
Cryptosystem ME6 — multiple file encryption
Data Destroyer — secure file deletion
Easy Date Converter — date arithmetic and conversion
Email Encryption End-to-End — secure email encryption
Hermetic Word Frequency Counter — versatile word counter
Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version — counts phrases as well

If those pages don't provide sufficient information then you can contact us via email at support@hermetic.ch for further assistance. If you need a site license for a program not listed above then please contact us.