.: Cryptosystem ME6 Testimonials :.

This is the most cost-effective, absolutely-secure, encryption application I have found on the web - bar none!

— f.e.d., April 6, 2013

This is the only serious choice for encryption. Simple to use, professional results. ME6 has never failed a test. Well worth twice the money.

— Billy Reynolds, mistercomputerman.com, September 19, 2011

AS a system tester, I find this software to be safe and effective. The interface is easy to understand and well designed. For the money, this is the BEST of Class available.

— Billy Reynolds, mistercomputerman.com, April 25, 2010

I have found this software to be reliable and worthy of the trust one must place in an encryption program. The documentation is easy to understand and is an example of the expertise found within the program.

— Billy Reynolds, mistercomputerman.com, January 24, 2010

I have been using ME6 for several years for encryption of sensitive files. It's straightforward in design and operates quickly on plain text and encrypted data. I particularly like the feature which gives a visual measure of the random appearance of encrypted data, as well as useful checksums. Key use is easy. ME6 leads you through the procedures necessary for either encryption or decryption of file material. It works.

— MLB, November 3, 2007

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