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The testimonials on this page prior to 2017 are for an early version of this program
before insertion of the viewport meta tag was added.

I have used your products for some time now, as they are inexpensive and useful. I use the Keywords Meta Tag Generator for 86 websites owned by myself and various clients. It is a small, easy to use utility. Thanks again for your support.

— Jason Groblewsky, August 24, 2006

This software is exactly what I was looking for and I searched 10 full pages in Google for a program that would do what yours does, and yours was the only one I found. It's great! And thanks for the great support.

— Lori March, Casino Bonus Snoop, July 23, 2006

I thought I would let you know more about how I use your great little program, and that is to help write up the description meta tag. First I create the keywords tag, and then by scanning the words in that, create a sentence — that makes sense! — to put in as a description tag. Of course, I add a few choice words that will help a viewer click on the link. And BTW thanks for the quick support!

— Alan Pattinson,, April 18, 2006

Very useful and nicely written program. I like fully autopilot anyway, so this product is a REAL time saver! Thanks Peter for version 7.01 and your great online quick support!

— Gijs Vandersteegen, Belgium, April 10, 2006

I've used and tested about a dozen "keyword meta tag generators" but this one takes the cake. The install was smooth and it doesn't take much resources. Other programs that I've used didn't have as many options as this generator. I can say I use it every day when building sites for my clients. Keep up the great work.

— Dave Mayor,, September 12, 2005

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