.: Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Testimonials :.

This page also includes testimonials for the Advanced Version of this program,
which does everything that the basic version does (and much more).

The application has a classical professional look and feel, is fully customizable and works fast. I use it on large texts, and it helps me tremendously to gain more control over text.

— Egidijus Slepetys, technical translator, May 22, 2023

Overall, I am very happy with the Hermetic Word Frequency Counter. I have been using it since 2011. I don't work too frequently with textual data, but whenever I do, and I want to analyse the frequency distribution of words, I always run my data by this software. I am impressed by the quick response of their team, and I enjoy the easiness of using this software. I would highly recommend it. Thank you for your great service.

— Sadia Nawaz, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, September 15, 2022

Very good software (the Advanced Version) which has saved me a lot of time in processing thousands of documents. Much faster and easy to use than Microsoft Excel, which I was using to get word and phrase frequency. Thanks for this handy tool.

— ScrapeBoss, March 25, 2022

I am pleased with your developments, and the support received (when I requested it). So, I am looking to buy additional license software to support you and your good job.!

— Ignacio Zazo, November 25, 2021

I hold a full licence for your word and phrase counting and searching software — very useful for me as a technical translator!

— Dr Lesley Stone, September 29, 2021

I'm a writer and have been using Hermetic Systems' Word Frequency Counter Advanced for a while now for documents up to 300 pages to avoid over repeating words and phrases, particularly unusual words as these can stand out like sore thumbs if over used. WFCA is a great example of a small, powerful, fast working (therefore neatly coded) program, with a nice clear UI, and plenty of setting choices to enable a highly defined search.

— Peter Burges, March 30, 2021

I have been using the Hermetic Word Frequency Counter for several years as a tool for the construction of glossaries and frequency dictionaries of foreign languages (primarily German). The foreign language document is first broken into sections (or chapters) and the glossary for any given section is created by using the text of that section as the Input File and the combined text of all previous sections as the Common Words File. The Output Files provide (along with translation) glossaries for the new words contributed by each section. The final Common Words File (which must now include the text for the final section) when used as an Input File provides the list of words for the frequency dictionary of the entire document. This program is an excellent tool — stable and easy to use with a useful selection of output formats. I only wish it could accept Cyrillic text.

— Allan Schneider, March 17, 2021

I'm doing research in knowledge management systems using Vector Space Models, and WFCA allow me to validate my terms counting routines. Very useful and it does what it promises. Simple and efficient! Thank you.

— Rui Neves-Silva, Associate Professor at Nova Lisbon, School of Science and Technology, March 9, 2021

The Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version (WFCA) fills a great need in software for Windows computers. As a translator working with different languages, I try to avoid over-using the same words so as to improve readability of the target text, and WFCA makes this possible. It would be impossible to do this task without WFCA. I also use it to check whether numerals in the text are consistent. It is extremely versatile and can be customized in myriads of ways, but it is still very easy to use. I think WFCA should be an essential part of every translator's software suite.

— Anon, August 12, 2020

I'm writing to tell you how much I like your Hermetic Word Frequency Counter. I'm very pleased with your product. It does all that you say, and was easy to install and use.

— Allan Schneider, April 5, 2020

As a writer for an ad agency, I highly recommend the Hermetic Word (and Phrase) Frequency Counter Advanced Version. It is a customizable multiple-file word and phrase counting program for Windows. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be tricky, but by targeting the right keywords, you can have an advantage. The word frequency counter can save you time in knowing whether your chosen keywords are adequately represented, and their customer support is stellar.

— Dan Cross, March 24, 2020

Very useful for testing theories — thank you.

— Mark Sharron, May 28, 2019

Ich benutze Ihren Word Frequency Counter schon längere Zeit, aber in einer älteren Version. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und habe mich gestern dazu entschieden, die neuere (Advanced) Version zu kaufen.

— Alexander, January 3, 2019

Thanks for your software, it is amazing.

— Jordi Morales i Gras, April 9, 2018

I work in translation, and WFC Advanced is an excellent tool when creating glossaries for new projects. It speeds up my process considerably.

— Daniel Frisano, February 12, 2018

Thank you for your help and support. I recommend your analysis software to others.

— Alan Hitchner, January 30, 2018

Hermetic WFC Advanced is a great and easy to use tool for those interested in conducting word count analysis. Moreover, technical support offered is great and timely.

— Dr. Nikolaos Panagopoulos, Associate Professor of Marketing, Ohio University, August 27, 2017

The Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version was a fundamental tool for my thesis in Information Science. My thesis was about interdisciplinarity between Information Science and Physics. This is a special case of interdisciplinarity because, in a map of science, these two disciplines are far apart. So the classical methods of measuring interdisciplinarity weren't appropriate to this case. I discovered that it was possible to measure the intensity of this kind of interdisciplinarity by counting words! That was where WFCA helped me so much. It was fundamental for getting lots of reliable data in a fast and easy way.

— Moisés Andre Nisenbaum, July 26, 2017

This is a useful tool for analyzing texts and discourses. Helps me to find patterns in ethnographic records regarding what people have in mind. Thank you.

— Maria Marta, December 18, 2016

Thanks for taking the time to develop the software. You saved me countless hours/days of scripting which I would have needed to do just to compare keywords in documents. The decision to buy was a simple mathematical equation: How much is my time worth?

— Stephen D'arcy, April 4, 2016

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version is a valuable program for any writer. I have been using it for awhile and find it indispensable. Find your overused words and expressions. It's easy to ask your word processor to search for "very" and "okay", but what about phrases such as "he cleared his throat" or "she tossed her hair"? Even reading your text out loud doesn't work as well as WFCA. This software will ferret out your personal weaknesses and help you compose stronger copy.

— Kathy Steinemann, September 15, 2015

The Advanced Version has proved extremely useful for us at the Japanese American National Library in San Francisco. Your program enables us to efficiently pull phrases from each text in the collection to enter them as keywords to create a keyword searchable library catalog. This requires some light editing to reduce the overall size of the keyword database. Although this method of generating keywords is not as complete as reading the entire work and doing it manually, it does pull out a significant number of keywords efficiently. Doing it manually is way too costly in time and energy. The most important feature of WFCA for this purpose is the ability to list all phrases.

— Ben Kobashigawa, March 5, 2015

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version is the best tool I have found for creating ngrams on a Windows platform. The UI gives all the control you need for setting very precise parameters, and the absence of any size limit on the number of input files and the size of the output file allow for working with very large document samples. Hermetic Systems' product support is also excellent — among the best I have come across.

— Peter Schmitt, February 5, 2015

The Advanced Version is a great bit of software. I've used it on several big journalistic projects and it's been central to my results.

— Jon Millward, January 27, 2015

The software works brilliantly.

— Eric Nyame, August 11, 2014

I tried many programs, including applications that run from the desktop, and online web pages, but none of these could handle the number of phrases I had to analyze. The Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version was able to process all of my files very quickly, and had the added bonus of putting them in a format I could use with Excel. This program has saved me countless hours.

— Wiliam E. Hogg, March 21, 2014

I am a novelist and I needed your Word Frequency Counter to explore the use of words in my new novel. At first I simply ran your program on my MS Word .doc file and expected it to work, but it did not. After I discovered that I had first to save my .doc file as plain text I then found that the software is incredibly fast. My novel has over 100,000 words and the software took only about two minutes to make a long list of all different words — some 8,000. I was able to create an output file and read it into Excel, where I could work with the results as I needed. I have been able to remove some too-oft-repeated phrases and words from my novel, and a few over-used adverbs. Coupled with the MS Word word-finder, it works as well as I'd hoped it would.

— Michael Gaze, July 6, 2013

This will help me with my research. I've just activated the program. The activation process is very user-friendly!

— Timur Garaev, February 28, 2013

Great utility. While similar programs work okay, WFCA works very fast and works with extremely large files. Love it!

— Jack Trampler, February 27, 2013

Great analytical tool.

— Eric Shaw, November 20, 2012

I find the Hermetic Word Frequency Counter very easy to use — and quick. I had an undergraduate student working with me on a project and she had no trouble running it on text documents. This program is a vast improvement over what I used on my dissertation data!

— Joanne F. Tynon, Ph.D., August 2, 2012

I have successfully used the advanced version of this software on some very large scientific journal articles in a research capacity. It works nicely but because of its power can be challanging to use. It is a major step up from simply searching text documents for occurrences and saving the number of hits for a particular argument.

— Robert Payne, April 18, 2012

Great program!

— Claudia Siegel, April 16, 2012

I use this software to determine major themes of the Bible, book by book.

— Jim Drasler, February 27, 2012

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter is a very useful program, far better, for literary text, than others I have sampled to date.

— Robert M, January 16, 2012

Fantastic piece of software to quickly scan a high volume of customer service feedback. Thank you for making my life easier.

— Craig Stoddart, November 14, 2011

I am very pleased with Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version. The software is easy to use, quick and performs just as advertised. In addition, I have found that its developer, Peter Meyer, backs up his product by answering my email queries to him within 24 hours.

— Irving Katz, MD, November 9, 2011

Does a great job counting words. The best program of this type I have found.

— Scott Campbell, August 11, 2011

Ein sehr gutes Programm für Freelance-Übersetzer. Es kann sogar differenzieren zwischen Gross- und Kleinbuchstaben, was ziemlich selten ist in dieser anglosächsischen Welt. Bravo!

— Mats Wiman, DEU->SWE Übersetzer, www.proz.com/profile/1749, July 21, 2011

I find your program really helpful. As always, thanks for the awesome service.

— Erin Billy, www.testmagic.com, July 3, 2011

The Advanced Version is an efficient and agile program for word analysis.

— Michael Stricklin, May 29, 2011

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter is an excellent product. I mean both the basic and the advanced version:
- simplicity and clarity of its funcionality, so it is good for educational process in labs - its functions cover practicaly all needs of those who use it
- simple and open, accessible dictionaries in several languages
I will use this software in my universities both in Moscow and in Barcelona

— Prof. Mikhail Alexandrov, May 11, 2011

A highly recommended tool, very powerful and easy to use. It has saved me countless hours of manual and laborious work. Customer service is very fast, clear and friendly.

— Gary Jonas, April 29, 2011

This software is very useful for my research because it is quick and accurate, but it is also very easy to learn how to utilize for a variety of projects. As an added bonus, the customer service associated with the product is truly exceptional. I can see myself utilizing this software well into the future.

— Steven McCarty-Snead, D.Phil. Student, April 21, 2011

This software is a huge help when researching items I want to sell on ebay. It quickly identifies irrelevant items I can eliminate from my search string when a large number of results is returned. Keep up the good work.

— Ken Baldwin, February 20, 2011

I love this software... it really speeds up the process of identifying the best keywords/phrases to focus on while doing SEO work. It has saved me tons of time!

— Robert Helbig, November 19, 2010

I used a two-million word Microsoft Word document and ran it through the Word Frequency Counter and it got it done in under two hours! I was then able to run the data easily through Excel and since then I've been working hard on analyzing the data. The customer support was excellent and right on target. I used the software so as to do a systematic analysis of the German Language and it could not have been done without the amazing Word Frequency Counter. So as to prove that this is a genuine testimonial you can check out my blog at splendogloria.blogspot.com.

— Kyle Foley, October 11, 2010

I used the program for a project for school and it saved me a lot of time. It also was far more accurate then counting words manually.

— Brendon Noto, September 27, 2010

Using it [the Advanced Version] for Statement Analysis along with other programs for research.

— John Warriner, May 14, 2010

Please accept my praise for such a great application. It's really a good and well conceived tool.

— Ahmad Wali Achakzai, May 10, 2010

The program worked great and really helped me out with the project I was working on.

— Bruce Provan, December 8, 2009

I enjoy using this software; it's very functional and works well.

— Erin Billy, November 20, 2009

Very good functionality for new approaches to communication analysis. This includes approaches with speech acts, key topics and similar things. I'm developing products for my business — consulting, coaching, training. Your product gives me some concrete evidence of the wording of my customer.

— Michael Lapp, www.memecon.com, October 21, 2009

I look forward to using your software on two projects: (1) dealing with the words used to describe accountants in American literature; and (2) a project to see if this software can be used in some fashion to help identify potential financial frauds either through reviews of testimony or financial documents (similar to Benford's Law and numbers).

— G. Stevenson Smith, Ph.D., CPA, CMA,
John Massey Endowed Professor of Accounting
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
March 12, 2009

Very good software!

— Massimo Marcuccio, March 4, 2009

Translation (especially technical translation) is a fairly repetitive endeavor. Specific terms and expressions may be repeated umpteen times and this fact becomes obvious (tedious also) when the translator gets tired of repeatedly typing the same character strings. The search and replace function of MS Word can help automate it to a certain extent, one expression at a time, as you meet them in your text, unless you have a statistical cast of mind to identify repetitions while skimming through the original.

When I heard about a program called "Useful File Utilities", from www.replsoft.com, and its module "Batch Replacer for MS Word" (doing exactly what its name implies), I began also searching for a possibility to count words in order to decide which ones to "pre-translate" before the translation proper. "Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced" (WFCA) fills the bill.

WFCA works only with text files, so originals have to saved to text-only. Some time is needed to tame the WFCA interface that sports a lot of counting parameters. For my peculiar needs, I distinguish upper/lower case (essential for German words), count words occurring at least three times and load the included list of common words in German to ignore.

WFCA outputs a list (text format) of numbered, tab-separated, words with the number of occurrences (each detail can be parametrized). I import it into Excel and create a glossary, usually customer-specific because each company has its preferred vocabulary, encompassing from twenty to many hundreds of lines. I have also another list of common prepositions. "Batch Replacer for MS Word" accepts the Excel file as a list of search and replace commands. By the way, there are similar Batch Replacer modules for Excel and PowerPoint.

These operations are of course time-consuming, and the resulting document, pre-translated without any linguistic intelligence or regard for the context, may sound like gibberish. But it saves a lot of time for a lengthy original.

— Jean-Marc Tapernoux, techni-tra.com, July 25, 2008

Brilliant software, intuitive interface, extremely clear output

— Chris Fitch, July 3, 2008

Your software is great, it's quick and the output is very useful.

— Deanna Osman, PhD student, May 22, 2008

The software has actually been fantastic ... I have really enjoyed using it. As a former Linguistics graduate student, I know from experience just how difficult it is to find effective language programs. I think this addition of the ability to count phrases will make it even better. Really, thanks for the update to this program. It will be extremely useful in my new research project.

— Rachel Kesselman, February 10, 2008

I'm a psycholinguist who examines the effects of various lexical variables on how quickly or accurately people can recognize visually presented words, and have recently been exploring the predictive power of frequency counts based on different corpora, so your program is going to be most useful.

— Melvin Yap, January 29, 2008

I found exactly what I needed with the Hermetic Word Frequency Counter software. I write both fiction and non-fiction. Using this program makes it easy for me to improve my writing — to make sure I'm not over-doing it with frequent words or the same adjectives. We all know to check for "very" but what other words am I using too much? Using this program is a huge advantage over "eye-balling" my copy for over-used words. It automates what would be a tedious process otherwise.

Running my copy through the word counter helps me to keep my writing tight and fresh. I prefer using a client application because it is quicker than using a web-based tool. I don't have to worry about my content being "captured" online if I use a free online tool (maybe I'm being paranoid on this point but with this program, I don't have to worry). I like exporting the results into a file. Having a hard copy helps me document my work in progress as I edit my writing. Overall, I have been extremely happy with using the Hermetic Word Frequency Counter software. It's quick and to the point. This program is a great tool I can use that doesn't try to do too much or take over my writing process.

— Frankie Orlando, Freelance Writer, November 5, 2007

The Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version software has done a magnificent job. Some of my document collections are enormous. I used it on 13 different sets of data ranging from the smallest with 6,867 ranked words up to the largest document collection which produced 866,570 ranked words from over 100 million word occurrences. The after-sales services was spot-on. I'll be using this program in my future research.

— Deanna Osman, PhD student, July 26, 2007

As a researcher and cryptographer working on the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, I use Hermetic Systems' Word Frequency Counter for a wide variety of purposes. In analysing words, letters and numbers it gives me an instant view of the documents I am working on and often provides invaluable information regarding anomalies and areas of interest for me to focus on more closely. With regard to the book I am writing, this software produces an absolutely first-class list of all words which can then be used as a concordance for the index. In this regard the program is rock solid and extremely fast. My book currently contains some 200,000 words and Frequency Counter creates the list in just a few minutes. Even if you only use this program a few times per year it is well worth the very small price. In my case I use it daily. The advanced version offers even more features which are very welcome.

— Alan Scott, August 7, 2006

I copied the activation key onto my clipboard, clicked a button in the program and I got a message that the program was fully activated. That function was nicely automated. It's a very handy program and very friendly.

— Hak Hakanson, April 9, 2006

An excellent program no writer should be without. Particularly useful to be able to exclude certain words.

— Dr E. Heyderman, December 19, 2005

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter is an excellent tool for dissecting and analyzing a body of text. I am using it to alphabetize all of the words of the Latin Vulgate Bible in hopes of someday producing a lexicon. This program is extremely flexible. It allows you to set custom parameters and word count guidelines. If you wish to exclude certain words or even whole sections of the text from the final count there are numerous ways to set the criteria for doing so. At first, the program had trouble handling the size of the output file when using a 3.31 MB input file (over 3 times larger than the program had been tested with!). Mr. Meyer was very helpful and made revisions to the program so it would fulfill my needs. If all of Hermetic Systems' programs work as well as Word Frequency Counter does then I recommend them all!

— Derek Bonnell, November 12, 2005

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