Karl Palmen's Calendars

Karl Palmen is retired, having worked for STFC at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, England.

He has always been interested in possible calendars. Just before the new year of 1998 he saw the crescent new moon, just like he did before the new year of 1990. This reminded him of an approximate eight year cycle he had discovered. He also started toying with the idea of a playing card calendar. 

Thanks to William Morris Karl Palmen discovered many pages on the WWW about calendars, etc., including Peter Meyer's Goddess Calendar then under construction. This lead him to construct his own lunisolar calendar one weekend. It has 3 types of year arranged in a 334 year cycle more accurate than the 19 year Metonic cycle. He found out through email that Peter had considered using the 334 year cycle for the Goddess Calendar. He joined the CALNDR-L calendar email list in February 1998 and contributes his abundant ideas there and learns new things such as the difference between the Vernal Equinox year and the Tropical year.

 His most valued calendar creation is a pure lunar calendar called the Yerm Lunar Calendar. In 2018, after many years of consideration, he has decided on a perennial civil calendar called the Week and Month Calendar, which has months, weeks, but no day of month numbers.

Below his calendar pages are listed starting with his three most important items then running from lunar calendars to solar calendars

  • Yerm Lunar Calendar  A simple rule-based lunar calendar, that follows the moonphases about as closely as any such calendar can. It replaces the year with a longer period called a yerm suited to the synodic month.
  • Leap Week Calendars  Proposed calendar reforms that preserve the 7-day week.
  • Week and Month Calendar  A suggested civil calendar in which months are subdivided into weeks

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