Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002
From: Karl Palmen
To: CALNDR-L Mailing List
Subject: Week of Weeks Full Moon Nights in Yerm Calendar

Dear Calendar People,

Looking at the first three pages of Simon Cassidy's Week of Weeks calendar:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

I now know the positions of the 6 long full moon periods (of 4 nights)
in the 98-month cycle.

I see that in my Yerm Calendar
nearly all the periods of full moon nights begin with the 14th night of
a Yerm Calendar month.

There are eight exceptions every 98-month cycle. In the first 98 months, they
occur after a long full moon period (four nights) in same strand and before
the end of the yerm. They are:

1998 Mar 12  01(17(15  Even strand page 1

1999 May 29  02(15(15  Odd strand page 1
1999 Jul 27  02(17(15  ditto

2000 Oct 12  03(15(15  Even strand page 2

2001 Dec 29  04(15(15  Odd strand page 2
2002 Feb 26  04(17(15  ditto

2003 Jul 13  05(17(15  Even strand page 3

2004 Sep 28  06(15(15  Odd Strand page 3

The above will repeat every 6 yerms (98 lunar months) within the present
52-yerm cycle of the calendar.

So for this cycle of the Yerm calendar, the exceptions occur on the last
month of every yerm and month 15 of all even numbered yerms.

It's easy to find which strand the full moon of a Yerm calendar month belongs:
Just add the yerm number and month number. For example next month
is 05(02. The total is 7 so it's in the odd strand. This applies to all cycles,
because there are an even number of yerms (and hence months) in each cycle.
The same rule applies to Peter Meyer's Old Goddess Lunar Calendar (example 2999-18).

The first full moon of the Islamic year and also the Ramadan full moon are always
in the even strand.

Karl Palmen

Next week of weeks full moon period begins 05(01(14.

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