Chinese Calendrics Software
18.  Acknowledgements

This software was developed by Peter Meyer in 2003 and revised at various times up to 2012.  For the theory of the Chinese Calendar he relied mostly on Prof. Helmer Aslaksen's The Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar and to a lesser extent on Claus Tøndering's The Chinese Calendar. The dark moon times are calculated using a translation into C of a FORTRAN routine which was originally written by astronomer Robert van Gent (based on astronomer Jean Meeus's Astronomical Algorithms, Willmann-Bell Inc. Richmond, 1991, pp. 319-324 & 349-358). Thanks to Robert van Gent for providing the FORTRAN routine.  The calculation of the solstices and equinoxes is based on formulas by Jan Meeus. The calculation of the times of the solar terms is based on the solstice and equinox times so calculated and on a translation into C of a FORTRAN routine for the geocentric longitude of the Sun which was also originally written by Robert van Gent.

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