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12.  List Julian and Common Era New Years

Clicking on the 'List Julian & Common Era new years' button brings up a window with a list of Western dates (with corresponding Chinese lunar dates). The Western dates may be in either the Julian Calendar or in the Common Era Calendar, and the list starts with the year of the date currently displayed. For example, if 04-09-15 JC = 46-01-08-13 CHL is displayed then we obtain:

When 81 years in the Julian Calendar are listed then the ganzhi of the day in the first and the last lunar calendar dates will always be the same; "ren-chen" in this example:

 4-01-01 JC = 45-60-11-21 CHL = (ren-chen) day 21, (jia-zi) month 11, (gui-hai) year 60 of cycle 45
84-01-01 JC = 47-20-12-06 CHL = (ren-chen) day 6, (yi-chou) month 12, (gui-wei) year 20 of cycle 47

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