Cryptosystem ME6 in Demo Mode

When initially downloaded and installed Cryptosystem ME6 runs as a trial version which is fully functional except that only one key can be used for encryption (and the reliability test is not available). The software can be activated by means of an activation key (obtainable by email), to become fully-functional.

In demo mode there is no restriction on the key used for decryption. Thus the software in demo mode is good for three things:

  1. You can use it to examine the look-and-feel of the software.
  2. If you have activated the software (and so can encrypt using any chosen key) then you can send ME6-encrypted files to a friend or colleague and they can decrypt them (if they know the encryption key) using the software downloaded from this website and running in demo mode (see Sending ME6-Encrypted Files to Another Person).
  3. If you wish to decrypt your ME6-encrypted files, but do not have the program at hand, you can download the demo version from this site and use it to decrypt those files.

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