Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder

Hermetic Systems

Windows software to find dates of solar and lunar eclipses
and to convert between solar and lunar calendar dates

Slovak translation
by Greg Gralf
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Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder gives eclipse dates in both the Common Era (a.k.a. Gregorian) Calendar (CE) and the Julian Calendar (JC) — or more exactly, in the proleptic versions of these (which allow dates prior to the historical date of first use of the calendar). Some web pages (in particular, those of Fred Espenak) give eclipse dates using a calendar-switch-over, according to which the dates of eclipses occurring after the date of the official introduction of the Gregorian Calendar (October 15, 1582) are given in the Gregorian Calendar, and dates of eclipses occurring before this date are given in the Julian Calendar — sometimes with no indication of which calendar is being used. Thus if comparing eclipse dates given by this software with dates available on other websites one must be careful as to whether the dates given on those websites are in the Gregorian Calendar or in the Julian Calendar (and don't forget about astronomical year numbering).

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