Phrase Frequency Counter Advanced
Filtering Found Phrases

Suppose we have a file with a list of phrases (one per line) some of whch include 'shoes', such as:

red tennis shoes
green tennis shoes
old hiking boots
buy leather shoes
buy red tennis shoes
buy green leather shoes
rent or buy hiking shoes or boots
don't buy red leather shoes
buy leather shoes
buy green or white shoes or slippers
green or white shoes

After we allow only the apostrophe in words, set the program to terminate a phrase at the end of a line, and specify No language seleced in the Settings window (so no words are ignored), counting phrases of length from 3 to 8 words produces:

To obtain just the phrases which have 'buy' followed somewhere (not necessarily immediately) by 'shoes' We set up the filter words and option as follows:

Clicking on "Filter results" then produces:

If we had filtered the phrases using "as subphrase" then no phrases would have been displayed because "buy shoes" does not occur as a subphrase.

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