Phrase Frequency Counter Advanced
Limiting Phrase Counts

The number of phrases found is primarily limited by (a) the number of words in the phrase (specified by minimum and maximum number of words) and (b) the minimum number of occurrences. Furthermore, opting to remove words-to-ignore from phrases, or showing only phrases which do not contain a word-to-ignore, will reduce the number of phrases displayed.

A phrase may be excluded from the count if it runs beyond the end of a line (or end of a paragraph), or beyond a period or double quote. This can be specified in the Settings window:

This is useful if you wish to count phrases within single lines, and not allow a phrase to run over to the next line. For example, you might want to count all occurrences of "orient express" which occur in the lines:

orient express day trip
the mysterious orient
express yourself!
we loved the orient express

If you require that a phrase must not go beyond an end of line then the count for "orient express" will be 2, otherwise it will be 3.

The end of line marker in DOS/Windows text files is a pair of bytes with decimal values 13 and 10. An on-screen end of line may or may not be an end of line in the file, but a blank line normally is an end of line in the file.

Similarly you can restrict phrases to those occurring within sentences (the phrase is required not to go beyond the period ending the sentence) or within double quotes (the double quote must be the byte with decimal value 34, ").

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