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The price in US$ for a single-user license for this program is:
  • US$19.95, €19.25 or £16.25 for a perpetual license
  • US$9.95, €9.75 or £8.25 for a 3‑month license
A 3-month user license enables you to use the software from the date of purchase for three months. A perpetual license is not time-limited. Upon expiry of a 3-month license another 3-month license for the same program can be purchased, or a perpetual user license.
Ways to purchase a user license:
  • via our state-of-the-art Comecero shopping cart
  • via a money transfer agent in your country (with 50% discount)
  • via payment with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash (with 50% discount)

  • the type of license
  • the currency in which you wish to pay
Type of license:   Perpetual   3‑months
Currency:   US Dollar   Euro   Pounds Sterling

You can pay via credit/debit card or amazon pay if you order via Comecero.

Comecero's shopping cart uses the latest technology and is versatile and user-friendly. It also provides discounts for purchasing more than one program at once.

Money Transfer Agent (50% discount)

Payment for a perpetual user license may be made via any of the international money transfer agencies MoneyGram, RIA or Western Union. Those links enable you to find the addresses of their local on-the-ground agents. You could register and pay online, but the process is easier by visiting an agent in person. Then:

  1. Show some ID (a driver's license or national ID is sufficient).
  2. Say that you want to send money to PETER JOHANN MEYER.
  3. Request "cash pickup" (in Bulgaria, if they ask).
  4. Pay US$9.97 to the agent (or the equivalent in your local currency) plus their fee.
  5. Get from the agent a reference number (8 to 10 digits, with or without dashes).

That's all that the agent needs.

Then send the reference number (with your name and the email address to which to send the license) to support@hermetic.ch. Your purchase will be acknowledged as soon as possible and you'll then receive an email message telling you how to download and activate the software.

If you wish to purchase licenses for more than one program in this way then contact us and we'll inform you of the combined price (about half of what you would pay if ordering via Comecero).

If any questions then send to the email address above.

Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash (50% discount)

You can purchase a perpetual user license for this software using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash by sending the equivalent of US$9.97 in BTC or BCH (click on the crypto code to get the current price in that cryptocurrency) to one of these addresses:

Bitcoin:   bc1qcpu9xq5xmat8x5rjf5lqa3fw034yqth3u6zhd2

Bitcoin Cash:   bitcoincash:qrkkcs23p78fvfk44jzgy3h5c6aj07yp3cd0jjlrr3

Then send a message to  support@hermetic.ch stating the name and the email address of the person to whom to send the user license (normally yourself, but you could send to a friend).

Upon our receipt of the payment we will register your purchase in our online database, and a message will be sent to you telling you how to download and activate the software.

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