Hermetic Word Frequency Counter
Transfer of Results to an Excel Spreadsheet

The output can easily be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet as follows: If the output has not already been written to an output file then copy the output to the clipboard, paste it into some text editor such as Notepad, and save it as a .txt file. Read this into Excel (at the 'Open' dialog specify 'text files' as the type of data); Excel will automatically detect the columns.

If the size of the output is large then it is best to specify an output file so that the results will be written to that file. But before counting words, in the Settings window you should specify that the output should be written as comma-delimited (do this by checking the 'Include commas in output file' checkbox). Then the file can be read both by Excel and by some statistical programs that (unlike Excel) cannot detect fixed-width fields. When reading the file into Excel again specify 'text files' as the type of data, then 'delimited', then check the 'commas' box (so Excel knows that it reading comma-delimited data).

The maximum number of rows in an Excel 2003 spreadsheet is 65,536, so this is a limit on the number of words in an output file which can be loaded into Excel 2003. Excel 2007 allows a million rows.

For an example of the import into Excel of an output file containing nearly 100,000 words see the next section.

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