Using Hermetic Word Frequency Counter with Large Files
and Importing the Output into Excel

To confirm that Hermetic Word Frequency Counter works with files containing about 100,000 different words a set of about 100,000 random 'words' (strings of 3-15 random letters) was generated, and from this a file was created consisting of 'sentences' composed of these words. This file is 2025 KB in size; the ZIP file (1315 KB) containing it may be downloaded by clicking on this link.

The program was applied to this file (with all checkboxes at the 'Settings' window cleared). After counting all 'words' the result was:

Opening 'output.txt' in Excel brings up the Text Import Wizard, which has three steps:

Select 'Delimited' and make sure that "File origin" is set to "Windows (ANSI)", then click on 'Next'. Uncheck 'Tab' and check 'Space'. (Note: When doing this with the Advanced Version of this software you should leave 'Tab' checked; see Exporting Results to Excel.)

Then click on 'Finish'. Excel then displays the output data in a spreadsheet. Widen column D to see the words.

Excel 2003 has a limit of 65,536 rows; for 100,000 rows use Excel 2007 or later.

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