Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Version
Ignoring Words which Match Patterns

The previous section explained how to count Words which match simple patterns. It is also possible to ignore words which match simple patterns. For example, if you wish to ignore not only the word bank, but also the words banks, banking, banker and bankster then you could would include bank~ in the words-to-ignore file or in the list of extra words to ignore (in the Settings window). With German text if you want to exclude all words which begin with the preposition zwischendurch then you would include zwischendurch~ as a word to ignore. Such patterns are called stems, since they specify a sequence of letters followed by any (possibly empty) sequence of letters. You can also use simple patterns which are not stems. For example, if you wish to ignore all words which begin with s, end with ing and consist of at least five letters then you would include s?~ing~ among the words-to-ignore (so sing and slang would not be ignored but sling and spinning would be).

If count-only words or phrases (with or without patterns) are specified then any specified words-to-ignore are themselves ignored (since a phrase might contain a word-to-ignore, and so would not be counted if that word-to-ignore was not ignored).

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